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Product Code : 52
Product Description


Product name: α-amylase;


Enzyme Activity: 2,000 U/g, 3,000U/g;

Effective temperature: 40-70 , optimal temperature: 65 .

Effective pH: 5.5~7.5, optimal pH: 6.5;


In production of starch origin sugar, the product can be used to fluidify the Starch in the raw materials selectively to produce glucose in glucose production using starch as the substrate.

In wine production and ethanol industry, the product can be used to fluidify the starch in the cereal into sugar to improve the efficiency.

In feed industry, the product is used to improve the digestibility of starch in the cereal and therefore reduce the cost.

Other applications: Production of citric acid and glutamic acid, desizing in printing and dyeing, paper making, exploitation of oil and so on.

Stability and Storage:

Keep and stored in a dry and cool environment, avoid from sunlight and water. Above 90% of enzyme activity could be remained after 6 month providing that it was stored under 25