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Product Code : 53
Product Description

Product name: β-glucanase;



Enzyme Activity: 10,000IU/g, 20,000IU/g;

Effective temperature: 30' 60' , optimal temperature: 40' 55'

Effective pH: 4.8~7.5, optimal pH: 6.0~6.5

Definition of Enzyme Activity: One unit of glucanase activity was defined as the amount of enzyme that produced 1 mol of reducing sugar (denote as glucose) 1 min at pH 6.0, 4.0, with glucan as substrate.


In feed industry, it is common knowledge that grain (such as wheat, barley and oat) and their byproducts generally content an anti-nutritional factor -glucan, which has high viscosity and can not be used by non-ruminates (pig and poultry), therefor it results in lower nutriment digestibility of grain and their byproducts and finally reduce animal performance. But the anti-nutritional effects of β-glucan can be largely overcame by supplementation with glucanases, finally decrease digesta viscosity and improve the percent conversion and nutritive value of grain. So, glucanase used as new feed additive is becoming more important.

In brewage industry, the usage of β-glucanase could reduce the viscosity of wort, ameliorate filtration property, improve malt dissolution rate, prevent beer turbid, and keep the quality of beer.

Stability and Storage:

The product should be placed in cool and dry place, and kept out of strong light and heat source. Under this condition, the solid enzyme activity can keep more than 95% of the initial within the guaranteed shelf time.