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Bacillus licheniformis

Bacillus licheniformis
Bacillus licheniformis
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Product Description

Since our establishment, we are engaged in the industry as the listed manufacturers and suppliers of the Bacillus licheniformis. These provided products are helpful in feeding the animals. Formulated under the expert guidance of skilled professionals, these products retain optimum shelf life for a long time frame. Known as effective body growth substance, our collection of Bacillus licheniformis is delivered by us at the most competitive prices.


  • Highly effective
  • Stable preparation
  • Combined with antibiotic

Further Details:

(Highly effective microorganism preparation)

The characteristics and function of Bacillus licheniformis

1 Without other Bacteria
The Bacillus licheniformis preparation was produced by a new technology of submerged fermentation and unique drying process, with the characteristics of high spore forming rate and without other Bacteria.

2 High thermostability
The tolerable temperature of the Bacillus licheniformis was 115 oC (2-4 minutes ), and the flora survival rate was more than 90% after the granulation process of commercial feed at high temperature and high pressure.

3 Screening drug resistant bacteria, good stability
The selected strains had a strong resistance to antibiotics, acidifying agent, and the effect is better in combination with antibiotic, can have a synergistic effect. The Bacillus licheniformis preparation was stable and easy to save because it existed in the form of endogenous spore.

4 Form dominant microflora in Intestinal, anti diarrhea

5 Stimulate an immune response, Improve immunity
Stimulation to enhance gastrointestinal IgA content, enhance the phagocytic activity of cells, the enhanced intestinal complement system, enhance the anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory capabilities, stimulation of the immune response, inducing the production of IFN, resist virus invasion.

6 The enzyme factory moved into the digestive tract, Improve the feed conversion rate, Reduce the cost of feed.
In vivo animal can produce a variety of digestive enzymes ( amylase, protease etc.), optimization of intestinal multiple enzyme digestion system, and is involved in various metabolic reactions ; also can produce a variety of volatile fatty acid, vitamin, amino acid, growth factors and other nutrients, can promote animal intestinal digestion and absorption of feed, raise feed utilization rate. In order to reduce the cost of feed.

Purifying environment, Reducing odor, Reduce the pollution
Decomposition of manure, bait, biological debris in organic matter, reducing the transparency of the water body and the ammonia nitrogen, nitrite content, reduce animal fecal odor and the bottom of the pond sludge pollution degree, improve housing health and pond water.

The application of Bacillus licheniformis

Experiment 1 The effect of the Bacillus licheniformis on weaned piglets (Table 1)


Initial weight  kg

End weight kg

Average daily gain kg

Feed/Gain ratio

Blank control group





Bacillus licheniformis group





From table 1, Bacillus licheniformis can improve the production performance of weaning pigs, average daily weight gain compared with the blank group increased 13.5%, feed meat ratio improvement in 0.15%.