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Product Code : 41
Product Description

Product name:


Other name:

Dimethyl propiothetin, DMPT


Dimethyl-β-propiothetin is easily moisture absorption, in actual production, the most used is Dimethyll-β-propiothetin bromide, and in the related literature, DMPT is mostly Dimethyll-β-propiothetin bromide (Br-DMPT)




Mechanism of action:

The main component is dimethyl-β-propiothetin (DMPT).  Experiments show that, DMPT is the marine plant osmotic adjustment, and existed in the algae and higher salt plant in big quantity. DMPT has a strong promotion for the nutrition metabolism of mammals, birds and aquatic animals (fish and shrimp). Fish behavioral and electrophysiological studies have shown that with (CH3) 2S-group of compounds on fish has a strong attraction on fish and (CH3) 2S- is the key receptor for activating the animal’s taste receptor. DMPT has the strongest attractant effect on fish in the known substances that with (CH3) at present.


DMPT has the strongest attractant effect on fish in the known substances that with (CH3) at present. It acts as the best feed lure for aquatic species like fish and shrimp.


Product Advantage:

1. Provide methyl for aquatic animals, promote the regenesis of amino acids and increase the bioavailability of amino acids;

2. A strong attractant which can effectively stimulate the feeding behavior of aquatic animals and increase their feeding frequency and feed intake;

 3. Have the activity of ecdysone, which can increase the exuviation rate of crustacean;

 4. Regulate osmotic pressure, and increase the abilities of swimming and anti-stress of fishes;

Purity: 98.5%min;


5. Reduce the proportion of fish meal in feed and increase the use of other relatively cheap protein sources.