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Product Code : 61
Product Description



Description: Flavomycin is a performance enhancer. Flavomycin allows for the early establishment of normal gut microflora by sparing beneficial lactic acid producing bacteria proven to inhibit Salmonella spp, Clostridium etc.

CAS No.: 11015-37-5                  

Appearance: Light brown to brown powder; Special odor.



As a growth promoter: it can enhance the digestion function of energy and protein to thin the intestinal

tract wall and improve nutrient absorption. The drug can effectively prevent synthesis of carbothydrate

and protein, and increase irritability by stiking a balance between intestinal tract flora groups and

maintaining PH stability.


The anti-becterial effects: the anti-bectrial activity can prevent/interfere biological synthesis of peptidic

polysaccharides and synthesis of sensitive cell wall. Neverthless, it is not applied clinically. The scope of

application is conficed to growth promotion currently.


Specifications: 4%, 8% Premix.



Packing: 25kg/drum or 25kg/bag;


Storage: Store in a cool and dry place, in sealed or closed airtight dark container.

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