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Product Code : 49
Product Description

Product name: Isoamylase;


Product Specifications:

Enzyme Activity: 2,000U/g;

Effective temperature: 30–60 ℃, optimal temperature: 50-55 ℃.

Effective pH: 5.6~7.0.


Definition of Enzyme Activity: One unit of isoamylase activity was defined as the amount of enzyme that produce 1 μmol of reducing sugar within 1 min (pH = 5.8, 50 ℃) and the enzyme activity of the product is described as U/g.





● The isoamylase is used with β- amylase to produce maltose and improve the output rate.


● In wine production and ethanol industry, the isoamylase is used with other amylases  to improve the output rate and the proper dose will be 30-100 U/g starch.


● As feed additives, the isoamylase is used in presence of amylase and cellulose as to improve the digestibility of cereal and the proper dose will be 100-500 g/t feed.



Stability and Storage:

Keep and stored in a dry and cool place, avoid sunlight and heat source. The product can be stored for 6 months and the enzyme activity retain at least 90 % of the initial.