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Product Code : 55
Product Description

Product name: LY100--the special enzyme in sucking pig;


The LY100 enzyme preparation is designed according to the sucking pig physiological characteristics, it can make up for the deficiency of the endogenous enzymes includes the acid protease and carbohydrase. This enzyme preparation usually increase the digestibility of the corn- soybean meal ration due to the enhanced β-mannase and amylopectase, which are used to decompose the anti-nutritional factors in soybean meal and improve the degradation of the starch, finally decrease the trophism diarrhea and promote the growth.

The physiological characteristics of sucking pig and material features in ration.


l        Add the endogenous enzymes such as protease and carbohydrase because of the imperfect of the digestive system..

l        The lack secretion of digestive enzymes due to the digestive system disorder by the weaning stress.

l        The piglets difficultly digest the hard cell wall in the plant row material such as corn and soybean meal.

l        The anti-nutritional factors interfere the digestibility of nutrients seriously because of theβ-mannan in the soybean meal.


 The action characters of LY100:


l        The LY100 which contain high concentration protease (especially the acid protease) and starch hydrolase (amylase、glucoamylase) can make up for the deficiency of endogenous enzyme due to the weaning stress and imperfect of digestive system and reduce the nutritional diarrhea.


l        The digestibility of the high amylopectin content in the grain is not so satisfied because it can not be hydrolyzed by α-amylase in the digestive tract completely. The LY100 contain high amylopectase, it can specifically cut off the α-1,6 glycosidic bond in the amylopectin and glycogen to increase the digestibility and the corn energy.


l        The LY100 enzyme preparation just contains high concentration acid protease which is confirmed that it can eliminate the anti-nutritional factors in the soybean meal effectively.


l        The soybean meal contains high galactomannan and its derivative; these cause the serious immune response and interfere the glucose metabolism. The galactomannan can be decomposed into oligosaccharide to eliminate the anti-nutritive effect by the high activeβ-mannan of the LY100.


l        The hemicellulase of LY100 can decompose the cell wall to increase the digestibility of plant raw material.


l        The LY100 enzyme preparation can tolerate the pelleting temperature at 85℃ by special treatment.


The main components of LY100

Main enzymesU/g):Acid Protease8000U, Amylase2000U,β-mannase35000U, Xylanase 900UAmylopectase500U.

Other enzymes: Glucoamylase,β-Glucanase, Pectase, Cellulase.