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Product Code : 51
Product Description


Product name: Phytase;


Enzyme Activity: 5,000IU/g, 10,000IU/g;

Effective temperature: 30 optimal temperature: 40.

Effective pH: 2~5.8, optimal pH: 4.5

Definition of Enzyme Activity: One unit of phytase activity was defined as 1g enzyme that liberates 1 μmol of inorganic phosphorus from sodium phytase within 1 min (pH 5.0, 37 ) and the enzyme activity of product is described as IU/g.


Reducing the dosage of bone meal and calcium hydrogen orthophosphate in the feedstuff and feed cost.

Eliminating phytate anti-nutritional effect, and increasing the utilization of mineral (Ca, Zn, Cu, Mg, etc) and protein, starch.

Decomposing phytate into inositol, and avoiding of fatty liver.

Making the feed formulation more flexible, lowering feed cost.

Improving eggshell quality.

Recommendatory dosage:

Adding the phytase preparation (5,000 IU/g) into the complete feed: pig 100g, broiler 100g, laying hen 60-80g, meat duck 100g, egg duck 60-80g. It can reduce 50-70% dosage of calcium hydrogen orthophosphate in feed when adding the recommendatory dosage of this product, at the same time limestone is added to meet the requirement of Ca. The rest of proportion of feed formulation is satisfied by adding other material source (e.g. zeolite).

The dosage of product added in concentrate feed and premix depends on the proportion of concentrate feed and premix in complete feed.

Stability and Storage:

Keep and stored in a dry and cool place, avoid sunlight and heat source. The shelf life is 6 months from date of production Under this condition, the enzyme activity can keep more than 90 %.