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Product Code : 27
Product Description

Product Specifications
  • Enzyme Activity: 85,000 U/g, 170,000 U/g, 330,000U/g;
  • Effective temperature: 35-55 oC, optimal temperature: 50 oC.
  • Effective pH:4.0~6.5, optimal pH: 4.5~5.0;
  • Reaction with metal ion: Zn, Ca, Na, which acts on xylanase in certain dose.

Definition of Enzyme Activity
One unit of xylanase activity was defined as the amount of enzyme that breaks down xylan into 1nmol reducing sugar (denote as xylose) within 1 second (pH 5.0, 40 oC, 20 min) and the enzyme activity of the product is described as U/g.

  • Decomposing non-starch Polysaccharides, improving the digestibility of feedstuffs (e.g. wheat, barley, wheat bran, brown shorts, brewer's grain, DDGS).
  • Dosage in complete feed is 60-100 g/t (170,000 U/g). Xylanase preparations can also be used with other enzymes.
Stability and Storage
The shelf life is 12 months from date of production when kept in a dry, well ventilated and cool place. Under this condition, enzyme activity will keep 90% of the initial and even keep at least 95 % at 4 oC for more than a year.